Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surpriseeee... I'm Ugly!

Source: MSN News

Was thinking of deep philosophical thoughts with classical music in the the background when I stumbled upon this vapid news. OK fine, I was doing nothing of use and then my friend told me about this and I as curious as my bunny so I googled it and thought it was hilarious. 

I always thought about how babies would turn out if their mum or dad did plastic surgery and looked like the most gorgeous thing on earth and then their kids turn out like... People always try to talk about how everyone in the world is beautiful and stuff like that... but ugliness is just the compliment of beauty, one can't exist without the other. 

But hahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHhahahhahahahHhahahah this piece of news is hilarious. I wonder what the judge said to her, "I'm sorry, you are guilty of being UGLY" haahahahahahahhaa I guess I always felt a little like it's not "right" when other people have plastic surgery because it feels kinda like it was not given. I cannot make my little brain smarter even though I am Asian and we are supposed to have smart genes wtf, why can someone make their nose sharper/eyes bigger/lips poutier. I guess it is fair in the end because it can't  be passed onto your genes, and hey, if they are willing to go through the pain of getting it done(the only reason I am not getting a certain part of my anatomy larger haha wtf), then I guess they deserve having whatever feature they want to enhance. 

Oh wait.. I read it again. POOR BABY. now the baby is going to be forever known as the ugly baby and he will have to have plastic surgery and then his kids and his kids kids and oh nooooo *cries a little for the little baby*

OMGGGGG...Don't tell me that this news is fake. I spent a whole 30 minutes thinking about it. 

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