Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Make A Monster for Halloween

"Cause this is thriller, thriller night"
Michael Jackson, Thriller

I was in America when I first saw this ugly looking doll which costs about 30USD for a normal sized one. It just looks so silly when you put it in a room of normal looking teddy bears. Then... a wave of artsyness hit and it became the cutest thing in the world! Now I am obsessed and am trying to spread the love for this creature.

OMG there are so many of them!!! I'm dying of cuteness

My Own Ugly! It has a face only a mother could love and that sums up the love I feel for my Ugly (called Uppy) because I feel like she needs to be protected from the world.

So, to spread my love for Ugly around the world, I decided to start gifting them so that others will understand the motherlove I feel. And then... I came home to Malaysia and it is unavailable/rediculously expensive. So, like the true Malaysian I am, I decided to make my own copy of it.

#1 draw ugly's outline on a piece of paper and trace into cloth which has been folded in two. Of course #pre-1 is buy cloth

#2 pin the two sides of cloth together 

#3 Cut out shape with a sharp pair of scissors

#4 Cut out eyes from white cloth

#5 saw eyes on and add black part of eyes with black thread. Cut out some black strip or use a thin ribbon for mouth. Make a mouth or teeth(whichever you think is cuter) from another small strip of cloth
#6 sew the two pieces of cloth(besides the head area) inside out and then turn it around. 

#7 The smaller parts like hands are difficult to turn around, so use twizzers to pull them out. 

#8 Add cotton from the top(the head part which has not been sewn).

I forgot to take pictures of this one, It follows basically the same steps

The end

Now go and spread some ugly love to the world <3 <3 <3

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