Thursday, October 25, 2012

He say one and one and one is three

" Que voy a hacer... Je ne sais pas"
   Me Gustas Tu, Manu Chao

I usually spend a long time cooking when I can, it's one of my favoritestttt things to do. Somehow today, I got caught up in a million things and it was 2pm and I realized that I have eaten nothing:( So I was going to microwave something but realized that I don't know how the time setting really works and the last time something went in there it turned out like this....

While I do enjoy extra baked buns, I thought it be better than I come up with a 15 minute meal to trick myself into thinking that I am living a healthy lifestyle. Sooooo, in case you are too lazy to cook/are hopeless in the kitchen but want to cook for someone/are afraid of the microwave... here's a lazy guide to cooking in 15 minutes *ahemmmm bf if you are reading this*

#1 Take little beef strips out of the fridge. These costed only RM 3.30 from Giant...*beams with housewifelike pride with good household bargains wtf*

#2 Season with pepper, salt and some mixed herb shaker thing. By season, I mean drown.  Now, you can ignore it for a while
#3 While ignoring the little beef strips, boil pasta in salt water

#4 Chop garlic and fry in olive oil. There was supposed to be chilli flakes but this is a special version of this... fine no.. I forgot to buy chilli flakes. So let's ignore that part of it.

#5 Pour this on the pasta...after draining the water and putting the pasta on the plate.

#6 Fry beef with a little bit of olive oil til you think it looks cooked.

#7 Put all on a decent looking plate so it looks like you spent more than 15 minutes on this.

#8 If the plate still doesn't do it, put in front of things that make you feel cultured/artsy/creative/etc and put on some jazz or something pretentious like that wtf

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