Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Unique Thing About Me

"Que Sera Sera, 
 Whatever will be, will be"
Doris Day, Que Sera Sera

During ice breakers, besides this little nonsense
            "How much does a penguin weigh"
            "Enough to break the ice. Hi.... I'm *acts cute and says name"

There is always the "What is your name?" Easy, it's Princess
                             "What do you study/what's your major?" Easy, if you still remember
               and then " What is one unique thing about you?" uh....uh....

I don't want to try too hard and sound lame. And then there are all those other things that other people have done. And if the person before you says he climbed Mt Everest and the other said he took a dump on the moon... then... you don't sound so interesting anymore wtf with your "erm...erm...I love pink!" 

So...I thought of something that might not be so unique but I guess it works enough not to have awkward pauses after your turn and then the awkward.. haha..ha..ha...haha from MYSELF wtf. it is. I wish I was a hippie. Not like the kind that lives in their parent's basement after the hippie stage

And eats scraps of leftovers from the puppy....

But like... the kind who becomes a billionaire, and then coolly says "I used to be a hippie" and the whole world preorders whatever I sell... even if it just a slightly longer version of the last thing I sold


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