Sunday, November 4, 2012

9 Friends I Can't Wait to Meet

      "I might have to wait, I'll never give up
                                                                            I guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck
                                                                            Wherever you are, whenever it's right
                                                                            You'll come out of nowhere and into my life"

                                                                            Michael Buble, I Just Haven't Met You Yet

Christian Grey in the 50 shades trilogy. I mean... who wouldn't want a  young billionaire with anger issues that only you can solve and then there are the helicopter rides, and begging you to stay and the mansion and the cars and his hugest worry is your safety and then there is all the exciting... times 

Having a friend like Barney would be legen...wait for it... dary.  Imagine all the stories of the day after that you would get to hear and then there are all his wonderful theories to keep me entertained and then at the end of the day... the man sure suits up well.
There should always be the friend who shops more than you do so no matter how much you shop, you wouldn't feel so bad yourself. And then, there will be all the clothes that she can't wear anymore and all the dresses you could borrow for any event and then she would bring you to the best deals where she would know the owners of the shop by now and... the possibilities suddenly becomes endless *bright teary eyed with hope*

The lawyer who could get you out of anything and who also knows celebrities who owe him lots. The one with the hard shell outside but deep inside he should have a place for someone special and you want that person to be you. He has also finished his associate years so now he is balling and has time for you. 

The hilarious man who doesn't even know that he is funny wtf When you're having a bad day.. all you have to do is call and he'll tell you all about his and then all is well again

Every Disney princess always has her sidekick so I want mine too wtf I guess I have my bunny. awwwww....bunny...awwwwwww 

In the movies, the gorgeous girl characters always have that gay best friend who would tell them what to wear and how to do their hair and do their makeup and excitedly exclaim OMGosh for every single thing that they do. 
Yoda because he's just so cute and fury and knows the answers to all your unwise questions wtf

                      God. So I can ask him for my 3 wishes.. oh wait, that's the genie. 

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